Private Investigation

C.I.B ,Civil Investigation Bureau, started in 1964. We are the leading private investigation office within the largest companies in Israel.
The bureau conducts a wide range of investigations in many fields.
The bureau has a team of professional and highly qualified private investigators.
Our investigators strive for excellence and see each and every investigation as a challenge.
The CEO, Mr. Meir Naveh and the office manager, Mr. Oren Mirovski, bring their vast expertise in investigations and translate it to professional and sophisticated work which helps to solve the most intricate and complex cases. This is how throughout the years, our office has been getting its excellent reputation.

Our office has put an emphasis on service to our wide range of customers, which can be seen in the quick response and the professional manner regarding the different types of investigations. We provide free consultations to all our customers.

We believe that part of the investigation is to provide the customers with adequate solutions. We believe in getting results in a minimum of time and money.

Customers who request private investigations are sometimes motivated by emotional considerations. It is our job to streamline the investigation and to solve it professionally by providing the customer with the information they require, while trying to minimize the investigation costs.

We conduct investigations in Israel and abroad. Before conducting an investigation, we do preparatory work and professional planning to the different actions that will be required for the investigation. We as investigators, devote much time analyzing our findings and exercise imagination and creativity while conducting our investigations.

In any investigation, other than the preparatory work, an exact “cover story?is required to help the investigatorachieve the desired results.

The investigator builds and studies the “cover story?well: preparing the written material, photographed material, etc. The more the investigator is familiar with the particular field that is being investigated, the better the investigation results will be. We employ investigators in different cases according to their experience and expertise in each investigation field.

In complex investigations we sometimes employ several investigators from different fields, and in doing so, we achieve the best results for each and every investigation.

Furthermore, except for the professional and efficient investigations that we conduct, we are very knowledgeable in the Private investigator Law. In each investigation we check whether we are operating within the law. We work closely with a legal advisor, who knows the fine details of the Private Investigator law specifically, and the penal law in general. Our office does not take investigations which might force the investigator to break the law (especially the privacy protection law).

We believe that a private investigator needs to set an example, to represent the private investigation profession layally and to act according to the law.

In each investigation we are required to be fully discrete. All of the information that has been acquired throughout our years of activity remains confidential even after the full investigation report has been delivered to the customer.

Discretion is a benchmark for any investigation office. Our customers keep coming back asking for different investigations, knowing fully that the information that is being gathered for them will remain completely confidential.

Our investigation office cooperates with investigation offices abroad during an investigation that requires it. We are members of W.A.D (World Association of Detectives) and we work with many investigation offices from all over the world.

The good business relations that have been created with our colleagues abroad assist us in different investigations, whether providing us with a quick response or minimizing the investigation cost(we do not need to send investigators from Israel abroad).

private invastigator for us is private invastigation, who was prepared properly private invastigation profecional by the law.

The field of private investigation is wide and diverse and we examine and streamline our systems every day, in the technical field (surveillance equipment, technical equipment, etc.), and professionally (quality of our investigators, their credibility, law studies, and more).

Many years of fascinating and fruitful work is behind us in the private investigation field. Our office is one of the oldest in Israel. Throughout the years we have conducted thousands of investigations in a wide range of subjects, to the satisfaction of hundreds of different clients.

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C.I.B Civil Investigation Bureau
Main Office: +972-77-2160190

Meir Naveh
Managing Director,
Licensed private investigation office manager
Mobile: +972-52-2614187


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